ShopCo Technologies
ShopCo Technologies
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Industry: e-Commerce

Founded: 2014

ShopCo Technologies is the parent company of, a universal shopping cart browser extension.

Jay Habib and Manuel Schoebel founded ShopCo Technologies with the dream of creating an assistant to help people overcome the inconveniences of online shopping. The concept came from Jay’s own frustration when trying to buy multiple things online at once. “I had to type in the same information again and again at every was just a waste of time”, says Habib. The idea quickly became clear to him to develop a full service shopping assistant that streamlines the entire online shopping process. This dream was turned into reality with a browser extension that serves as a Universal Cart and one-stop checkout for every online store in the US. 

After opening their German office in early 2015, the company expanded to the United States one year later to prepare for a product launch in the US market. now has over 30 employees across their Dusseldorf and San Francisco offices, with people from all walks of life. According to Jay, this has created “amazing open-mindedness and diversity of views” within the company. As expands within the US market, the company aims to provide three main benefits for its users when they shop online–​the saving of time, the saving of aggravation, and the saving of money. Above all else, Jay intends to maintain the “company culture of innovation and trust” that has been key to the success of thus far.